'Stranger Things' Star Charlie Heaton Explains Why He Relates to Jonathan

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If Stranger Things fans were polled on their favorite characters, Jonathan Byers would surely get his fair share of votes. The older brother of the family is the sibling we all wish we had, as his relationship with Will in the series has been as wholesome as can be thus far.

And even though the Netflix hit show exists in a bizarre universe, it turns out art imitates life, as the actors behind characters also have a good relationship. Speaking to Another Man, Jonathan actor Charlie Heaton said he has a great relationship with his younger cast members.

"As for the kids, when Stranger Things began, they were 10 or 11 but they are growing into their adolescence now. It’s crazy watching them all grow up and seeing them all handle the success is incredible," the actor said. "They grow up and they grow up fast."

As for himself, Heaton says he and Jonathan have a ton of similarities.

“I can relate to Jonathan as a person. I’m not extremely introverted but there is an element of me that shares that with his personality," he began. "He’s an outsider but he knows who he is and what he likes and that was interesting [to me]. The other thing that clicked was the family relationships, especially in season one. I grew up with a very loving and caring family and I really connected to someone with that sense of family."

Heaton also said the biggest connections he has with his character is their love for classic rock and their shyness.

“Then there was the big musical relation – a lot of the music Jonathan listens to is what I listened when I was 18 or 19. Bands like The Cure and Joy Division. I got him on a musical sense – in my own life, I walk around with my headphones on with my head down, not talking to anyone and listening to music, so that was very relatable," Heaton said. "Even when he starts a relationship, I don’t think I had a proper girlfriend, how he navigates it being quite shy and awkward, is kind of like how I was as a kid. There’s a lot of people that can relate to Jonathan. Everybody at least knows a Jonathan I would say.

Heaton is reprising his role as Jonathan in Stranger Things Season 3, set to debut on Netflix July 4.