'Stranger Things' Star Finn Wolfhard Talks Evolution of His Music Career Following Release of New EP

'Stranger Things' star Finn Wolfhard opened up about his musical evolution in a new interview.
'Stranger Things' star Finn Wolfhard opened up about his musical evolution in a new interview. | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Most fans know Finn Wolfhard from his time as Mike Wheeler on Netflix's Stranger Things, but when he's not battling evil from the Upside Down, he's also the frontman of a rock band. Between his time in the group Calpurnia, and his latest music venture called The Aubreys, Finn is one talented guy.

With a brand new EP under his belt with The Aubreys, the multi-talented star opened up about what's next for him while speaking with Fast Company. If there's one takeaway from Wolfhard's latest interview, it's that he's trusting the process in his career.

“I’ve known what I’ve wanted to do with my life since I was really young. And I’m lucky to know that, because a lot of people don’t know what to do with their lives until it’s too late,” Wolfhard said. “But I don’t want to rush into anything.”

The star's newest EP, Soda & Pie, was released under The Aubreys after Calpurnia, who had inked a major label deal, became too much "pressure," according to Finn.

“The number-one thing I learned is that you don’t have to say yes to everything that sounds cool to you,” the star explained. “It wasn’t at all the label’s fault. I just wasn’t thinking. I thought we’d be doing this cool experience and play a few shows here and there, but then it ended up becoming such a bigger thing, and there was so much more pressure from everyone, from all sides.”

With his latest project, which he shares with Malcolm Craig, Finn admits he's doing things differently this time around.

“The only people [Craig and I] have to answer to are ourselves, the actor shared. "That’s a really great thing. There’s no pressure to put out a song. There’s no pressure to write a song. It’s just fun releasing music again." Cheers to that! Fans can listen to Finn's latest EP on all major streaming services.