'Stranger Things' Fan Thinks Season 4 Premiere Date Was Hiding in Season 3

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While we all wait for Stranger Things' fourth season to (hopefully) be announced, all we can do is rewatch the series, speculate about what's to come, and read some crazy theories posted on the internet. For the latest? One idea making its rounds on Reddit and other sites predicts the release date of Season 4 has actually been hiding in Season 3.

As reported by Seventeen, Reddit user Bloodylollipops has an argument as to exactly where we might find out when to expect new episodes. And their theory is completely based around one repeated number. For the first instance, it's seen in a drawing which can be found in Will Byers' room, discovered during a Season 3 set tour video hosted by the Stranger Things cast here.

In the drawing, there is a shackled person in a prisoner's uniform, which the fan assumes is Jim Hopper. Building upon this idea, they point out that the number on Hopper's uniform is 403. This number has appeared in the show before, as it's also the hospital room number Mrs. Driscoll is staying in when Nancy Wheeler goes to visit her in Season 3.

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The fact that this number is used more than once means it could be even more significant than it seems, the Redditor argues. They believe, although it might seem like a stretch, that 403 could be the release date for Season 4, or April 3. While this does seem a bit random, the fan has another reason to believe it could be true, and it has to do with yet another theory.

Many fans have speculated that the Chernobyl disaster could come into play in Season 4, considering the third season took place in 1985, and the nuclear accident happened in 1986. If this idea turns out true, the real life event did occur in April. While the month in the show doesn't necessarily have to correlate with the month the season debuts, it is likely based on previous seasons.

Okay, so there's a lot going on here. It's true that 403 could mean nothing, however the fact that it appears twice does make it seem like it's not accidental. A fourth season hasn't been confirmed yet, but this number could mean something big for what's to possibly come.