A Few Lucky 'Star Wars' Fans Will Get Paid $1000 to Watch All Films and 'The Mandalorian'

'Star Wars' fans can get paid $1000 to binge movie series and 'The Mandalorian.'
'Star Wars' fans can get paid $1000 to binge movie series and 'The Mandalorian.' | Handout/Getty Images

If you've been spending your days in quarantine happily marathoning all the Star Wars content available on Disney+, you might be in serious luck. A few diehard fans will now be rewarded a cool $1000 just to binge-watch the entire live-action film series, along with the acclaimed show The Mandalorian. If this sounds like child's play for you, keep reading to find out more.

As reported by Travel and Leisure, the college-ranking website Education Reference Desk is paying five people to either live-tweet or live stream their marathoning, and watch all 11 live-action films from a galaxy, far, far away, as well as The Mandalorian, in chronological order. This would take about two days, however you'll be allowed to complete it in four. "The right candidate will be chosen by the Jedi Council," the site explains.

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And apart from $1000, the five fans will win a "Star Wars Smuggler Kit," including an R2-D2 popcorn machine, a blanket, a one-year subscription to Disney+, and more. Sounds like an incredible way to watch what you love!

To read the list of rules and to apply, check out the Education Reference Desk site here. You have until May 3 (one day before Star Wars Day) to enter.