'Star Wars' Actor Anthony Daniels Teases 'Something Amazing Coming'

Star Wars fans all over the world are holding their breath and patiently waiting for any news about the long awaited next film in the series, Episode IX... anything at all (*crickets chirp*).

With about ten months to go, the clock is ticking and we still know virtually nothing about the upcoming film. The Super Bowl didn't bring any teasers like fans were hoping, so what now?

Of all people, though, C3PO actor Anthony Daniels has given us a small crumb of hope that our wait for anything at all will soon be over. The Star Wars veteran just teased on his Twitter account that news of some sort is seemingly coming. "How strange," Daniels tweeted. "I am receiving images of something amazing coming towards us ... Stay tuned."

After this tweet which pretty much bluntly states we should expect something soon, fans have started to get very excited.

Some think the "something amazing" is going to be the long awaited trailer but others are skeptical of this and think we might simply get the title of the movie. Anything, at this point, will be celebrated by Star Wars fans.

On the other hand, Daniels states he's got "images" coming to him, which could mean the first stills from the movie. Who knows, really? At least we have C3PO watching out for us to give us an update.