Ever wondered what jobs the characters in Harry Potter would have if they lived in the Muggle world? It would probably look like something out of The Twilight Zone. But that didn't stop one Reddit fan from wanting to see it.

Reddit user u/kcgg123 posted a video from someone who literally made a strangely realistic Office-inspired intro for Harry Potter. The characters included are Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco. In the video, Harry plays a sort of Dwight-esque character, while Draco plays the role of controlling boss, Ron plays the bad employee, and Hermione plays a girl in a conference.

It's really hysterical, actually. Throughout the video Draco is seen terrorizing his employees by throwing things ta them and annoying them. And Hermione's kind of just in the background.

The video does a good job of emulating The Office intro with clips of the town they live in, complete with showing each character doing boring office things, and then finalized with The Office logo.

It's so well made it's almost believable. But we know our beloved Harry Potter characters could never work in a Muggle office. They need to be off fighting the dark arts.