Should Kourtney Kardashian Be Called Out on Her Privilege in the Midst of 'KUWTK' Drama?

Kourtney Kardashian
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Sunday night's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired some big-time drama between sisters Khloé, Kim and Kourtney. The cause of conflict was that Kim and Khloé felt like Kourt wasn't pulling her weight on the show. The mom-of-three and eldest sibling expressed (and has expressed it before) a desire for boundaries and privacy.

This request seems legitimate enough but what it means when you're on a reality TV show is that the other cast members then have to spend more time in front of the cameras instead. Kim and KoKo were upset that Kourtney wasn't sharing her dating life or what she does in the evenings specifically with the cameras.

It's a complicated situation. Of course there are parts of anyone's life that they want removed from the public. The problem for the Kardashians is that their fame and fortune came from doing the exact opposite.

Remember the famous Bette Midler tweet that basically summed up how much of the Kardashians we've already seen? Although it was a rather nasty dig and not exactly feministic of Midler, it speaks to how famous the family is.

Like it or not, this extremely public relationship is what fans now expect of the Kardashians. Obviously, that's not saying that fans expect nudity, but the whole point of reality TV is that viewers get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes life.

So with this new wave of conflict between Kourtney and her sisters, fans have started calling the Poosh founder out on social media. One fan reminded her that her entire lifestyle is possible because of the show she seems so adamant to leave behind.

The Twitter user followed up with a second tweet saying, "Kourtney is very self centered."

While the comment might seem harsh, fans on social media have a valid point. Kourtney is complaining that she wants more boundaries and more time to herself but isn't sharing her life with an audience her job? She has signed a contract for every season of the 17 seasons that KUWTK has been on air, knowing full well what is expected of the show, and yet seems to complain frequently about the demands of the job, while enjoying the incredibly glamorous life it offers.

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Kourtney also runs Poosh, her lifestyle brand, but even a cursory scroll through her website, which describes itself as offering a "modern lifestyle, achievable by all," seems insanely out of touch. A recent article titled "Our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide" suggests buying a $2,800 Bottega Veneta shoulder pouch as a Christmas present.

I don't want to speak for all fans of KUWTK, but I would guess that the average person could not afford to give out presents that run in that price range, as much as they would want to.

Is Kourtney's request for boundaries, privacy, and less camera time legitimate? Of course. But does it also seem insanely privileged to continue flaunting a lifestyle of luxury on social while complaining about the job that made it all possible? Yup.