Shaun White deserves a gold medal for helping girlfriend Nina Dobrev prepare for new role

Netflix Special Screening Of "The Out-Laws"
Netflix Special Screening Of "The Out-Laws" / Tommaso Boddi/GettyImages

Nina Dobrev recently shared how her boyfriend, Shaun White, showed his support and helped her prepare for her newest role in the upcoming movie The Out-Laws, which she stars in alongside Pierce Brosnan, Adam Devine and Ellen Barkin.

"Fun fact," Nina told publications, "but Shaun helped me run lines for my audition."

To which Adam said in reply, "Aw man, I wish you filmed that."

After Shaun helped her run the lines, Nina said she recorded her audition during her "20-minute lunch break" on the upcoming movie Reunion with actress Jillian Bell who helped her film the self-tape.

In The Out-Laws, which drops on Netflix July 7, Nina and Adam play fiancés Parker and Owen whose relationship grows complicated when Owen suspects Parker's parents of robbing the bank he manages. But when it comes to what kind of crime they could pull off with their real-life partners, Nina and Adam had different answers.

"Maybe steal a private jet," Nina said of her and Shaun's theoretical caper. "If we could get away with it, guaranteed, and it couldn't be taken away from us later."