Selling the OC's Alex Hall responds to Kayla Cardona's WARNING to Brittany Snow

Photo Call For Los Angeles Premiere Of A24's "X"
Photo Call For Los Angeles Premiere Of A24's "X" / Rodin Eckenroth/GettyImages

After Kayla Cardona attempted to kiss fellow cast member Tyler Stanaland in an episode of the Netflix reality series, some viewers accused her of taking things too far with Tyler, who is married to actress Brittany Snow.

However, in an Aug. 31 interview with Us Weekly, Kayla flipped the script and insinuated that Brittany "should be worried about" Kayla and Tyler's Selling Sunset co-star Alex Hall. Throughout the season, Alex and Tyler were seen getting close with one another, with Alex even sitting on Tyler's lap at one point, which Kayla called "very inappropriate."

Now Alex Hall has spoken to E! News to set the record straight. "The only thing that Kayla could do at this point to surprise me is if she got a reality check," Alex said. "I can also assure you that Brittany is not 'worried' about me." 

In fact, Alex said she and Brittany, who has starred in movies like Pitch Perfect and Hairspray, have been friendly in recent months.

"Brittany threw a birthday party for Tyler recently that I was invited to, and attended," Alex revealed. "We chatted for a while, however it did not revolve around my friendship with Tyler because, quite frankly, there's no conversation to be had there."