Are Selena Gomez and Chris Evans dating?

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Earlier this week, rumors circulated that Selena Gomez was linked to none other than Marvel's OG Captain America, Chris Evans, but are the pair really dating?

According to multiple reports, the pair were supposedly pictured hanging out together in Los Angeles and supposedly also leaving the same restaurant and studio at the same time in Tweets from October 1, but it now appears that those rumors have been dispelled. According to Cosmopolitan, the pics of Selena leaving the restaurant are actually from way back in 2019 not from present-day as the post would have had many first believe. ,

However, eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Chris Evans did follow Selena Gomez on Instagram recently, but the actress and singer has yet to return the follow.

Both are publicly single, although their private relationship statuses may or may not be different. The two have never been photographed together though nor are they in any announced projects together currently, per their IMDB pages.