Okay, this seems a bit far-fetched, but multiple sources are actually reporting that Tristan Thompson hooked up with Jordyn Woods. Yes, the same Jordyn who is best friends with Kylie Jenner, Khloé's half-sister.

TMZ claims Khloé has officially ended things with Tristan after learning he cheated on her with Jordyn. Apparently, at Delilah nightclub in West Hollywood on Saturday, Feb. 16 we had previously reported on, Tristan was getting extremely close to Jordyn. Sources told the publication the two, "were all over each other in the club ... making out." Hm.

Considering Tristan was caught cheating on Khloé back in April 2018 just days before she gave birth to their child, True, we wouldn't really put this past the NBA star. However, what about Jordyn? Do we really think Kylie's BFF for years would do this to a Kardashian sister? We're really not sure.

But people on Twitter are not believing it at all. "Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods did not hook up. Come on TMZ don’t be THIS sloppy with your reporting," one wrote on social media. Apparently, Tristan himself tweeted saying the report was "fake news," but then deleted it.

We really need someone in the family to confirm or deny!