Rumors Begin Circulating Emilia Clarke Was Cheated on by Charlie McDowell

Just as Emilia Clarke's relationship with Charlie McDowell was really only beginning, it appears they've called it quits. The Game of Thrones star was first linked to McDowell in Oct. 2018, after they both made things Instagram official with some subtle photos. The pair was spotted on a few occasions since, even packing on the PDA in one instance in Nov. 2018. Although neither parties have confirmed the split, fans have done some serious digging which kind of proves it.

And apparently, McDowell might've cheated.

Was Emilia Clarke cheated on?

According to fans on Twitter, the cheating rumors began with a Blind Item. While these aren't typically very reliable, many then noticed that McDowell deleted photos with Clarke from his Instagram, and unfollowed her. Currently, the actress still follows him.

On top of that, McDowell tweeted out a message seemingly towards Clarke's fan-base. He has since deleted it, but of course, Twitter users always have receipts.

His tweet seems to be denying any cheating occurred, but we can't be too sure as his message is super vague.

So what's the truth? We really have no idea. But fans of the Mother of Dragons are really, really coming for McDowell right about now. The tweets bashing him are endless.

As Clarke is typically very private with her relationships, we doubt she will be coming forward to clarify anytime soon. All we can do is hope she's okay if this rumored infidelity actually took place.