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Rose Leslie Apparently Never Wants to Say 'Game of Thrones' Catchphrase to Kit Harington

Just like their Game of Thrones characters, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie fell in love with one another to much fanfare. Luckily, their relationship hasn't gone the way Jon Snow and Ygritte's did, as the two tied the knot last June.

While the stars would probably like to keep their marriage separate from the show, it's almost impossible for them to do so since they met on the Thrones set.

During a recent appearance on Today , Harington game some insight into the couple's private life and its connection to the HBO series, not including the three-day fight they had over Harington revealing the end of the series to Leslie.

Today's host Keir Simmons brought up Ygritte’s famous catch phrase: "You know nothing, Jon Snow." Simmons joked it's a phrase his wife would use on him after years of marriage. “You made the smart move of marrying somebody who already said that to you,” he told Harington.

The Jon Snow actor responded, "She already said that and doesn't ever want to say that again because she's about as tired of that catchphrase as possible."

We totally understand how it can be cringey for the couple to repeat lines they've said repeatedly on the show. But even though they're sick of the catchphrases, the series will be with the couple and their co-stars forever, even after the upcoming final season.