Ronni Hawk Racist Claims: 'On My Block' Season 2 Clip Hints Character Killed Off After Controversy

Fans of Netflix's original series On My Block have been hungry for any bit of news regarding Season 2 basically since the show premiered in March 2018. The second season is supposed to premiere later this month, however without a trailer out yet, many were growing nervous. Was it actually coming back?

Well, although it's not a full-length trailer yet, Netflix did release a clip from Season 2, writing on YouTube along with it, "So I know this isn't the trailer you've all been asking for but.... I feeeeeeel like this should also make you happy." They were right.

The trailer has left us with a lot of questions, namely about characters Olivia and Ruby. If you remember, both were shot at the end of Season 1 during Olivia’s quinceañera. The Season 2 trailer comes to an end with a photo of the pair, seemingly to suggest they had indeed both died. However, the last few seconds shows Ruby laying down, thankfully opening his eyes at the last second. So we can definitely assume Ruby is alive in Season 2, but this now hints that Olivia has passed.

Fans are now asking if this has to do with the controversy the actress behind Olivia, Ronni Hawk, created. Was she killed off the show because she was fired? Well, we're not sure, but it makes sense people are jumping to that conclusion.

To catch you up, Hawk was accused of being a racist multiple times on social media since On My Block premiered. This stemmed from her following Donald Trump, and even once tweeting, "Go @realDonaldTrump please bring America back!!!"

Many were furious with this, especially because Hawk is a caucasian actress portraying a Mexican girl whose parents get deported. It makes sense fans wouldn't want a Trump supporter to play this part. While we can't find any evidence of her posting anything explicitly racist, tons on Twitter have branded her just that.

There's no way to find out for sure right now if Hawk was fired, and if it was because of the controversy. But it really does look like her character was killed off, and countless fans have taken to Twitter today to express their opinions on it.

We'll find out if Olivia truly died when On My Block returns on March 29.