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Riverdale season 6 part 2 returns in March with an updated release date

Cast Of "Riverdale" Visits Broadway's "Bandstand"
Cast Of "Riverdale" Visits Broadway's "Bandstand" / Walter McBride/GettyImages

Riverdale season 6 part 2 will return to The CW on Sunday, March 20, not on March 6, as originally reported by publications. At this time it is unclear as to why the release for the popular show is being delayed but watch this space.

The CW teen-mystery series in part 1 of season 6 explored an alternate, darker and gorier dimension of Riverdale in the town of Rivervale. While part 1 explored the occult we assume, and hope, part 2 of the series will be back with less outrageous storylines. However, not much is known about the second part of season 6's plot.

The new confirmed date comes straight from Archie Comics' social media page, where they shared a photo of season 6's cast with the caption, "#Riverdale Season 6 will return with new episodes beginning Sunday, March 20 on The CW!"

The account also questioned its followers and Riverdale fans what they were "hoping to see in the second part of Season 6?" Check out the post below.