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'Riverdale' Fans Are Freaking Out Over Cheryl and Toni's First Real Sex Scene

Fans are giving positive feedback to a NSFW scene between Cheryl and Toni on The CW's hit teen show, Riverdale.

The scene from this week's episode featured the characters, who are a popular pairing among fans but are currently broken up, hooking up for what many described as longer than the show's usually limited sex scenes for the heterosexual characters.

The move to include the scene was met with positive response due to the lack of LGBTQ+ relationships on television in general, as well as the fact that Cheryl and Toni (or "Choni," their ship name) had not been given this intimate of a scene in the show thus far.

People's main complaint with the scene fell on the fact that the characters were fighting when it happened, but others have retorted by saying this may just be the way that the characters' on-again-off again relationship is working for now, as they both work through their past and the current drama running rampant in Riverdale.

Overall, fans supported the scene which gave exposure to one of the show's most popular couples--and we'll be looking to see what happens with their relationship in the future.

[h/t: PopBuzz]