Rian Johnson Says He's Still Working on His 'Star Wars' Trilogy

Rian Johnson to the rescue! With Episode IX closing out the Skywalker series for Star Wars, it may actually also be the jumping off point for The Last Jedi director's new trilogy.

After rumors were spreading that the director was not going to be doing his own set of movies anymore, the trilogy has now been confirmed by Johnson himself. He took to Twitter to set the record straight, responding to an article which read, "According to a new rumor, Rian Johnson's Star Wars trilogy is no longer happening, as the director has chosen to focus on other projects."

According to ComicBook.com, SuperBro Movies started the rumor that Johnson had stepped away from the project.

In an interview with the LA Times, Johnson said of his next films in a galaxy far, far away:

"It's fun because it's kind of thinking, 'Okay, outside of the Skywalker story and outside of the recognizable iconography, what is this? What is Star Wars?' Or what do we need to retain from that, to pull forward for it to still be Star Wars — and what can we leave behind? They're all the big questions that need to be thought of. And even the ones that we don't know the answers to are things we need to figure out if Star Wars is going to be vital and alive moving forward and not just be a waxworks. We're going to have to figure out how to tell vital new stories."

We're excited to hear more about these new films.