Although Christmas is really about family and spending time with your loved ones, we all have to admit the presents are a pretty great part about the holiday season. And as for the Kardashians of the world, you already know the gifts they receive are nothing short of extravagant.

This year, TMZ reports that Kanye West gifted wife Kim Kardashian a condo in Miami Beach at the insane price of $14 million! The rapper apparently bought a mega-unit in an exclusive 18-story building called the "Billionaire Beach Bunker." Sounds about right for this power couple.

Reportedly, Kim and Kanye were looking to get a place in Miami for some time, so what better opportunity than to surprise your wife on Christmas with this outrageously lavish place? Their condo is believed to be 4,700 square feet with four bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, and a large terrace. Plus, it's supposedly right on the beach.

This condo is only a little cheaper than their Hidden Hills mansion where they usually reside, which is worth $20 million. The pair bought the place back in 2014, but had extensive renovations done to it to make it the home they truly wanted.

As we know from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim and Kanye's current home is pretty much kept under wraps, as neither parties are too keen on showing their personal space to the public.

Hopefully we'll get to see a little of this new Miami condo when Kim and Kanye make a trip out to Florida, at least on social media.