Rainn Wilson Begs Billie Eilish to 'Move on' From 'The Office' in Must-Watch 'Hey There, Human' Interview

Rainn Wilson tells Billie Eilish to stop watching 'The Office' in awesome 'Hey There Human' episode.
Rainn Wilson tells Billie Eilish to stop watching 'The Office' in awesome 'Hey There Human' episode. | Instagram / SoulPancake

Most would agree that you can't call yourself a super-fan of The Office if you haven't watched the series front to back multiple times, and if you're anything like Billie Eilish, that's a piece of cake. While appearing on Rainn Wilson's Instagram show Hey There, Human, the Grammy winner revealed she just finished watching the show for the 15th time, and needless to say, the Dwight Schrute actor was shocked.

Rainn and Billie were already pretty well acquainted before they spoke via Instagram this week, as fans will know that the Dunder Mifflin alum actually quizzed the songstress on the fan-favorite show back in Nov. 2019 while appearing on A Little Late With Lilly Singh. So this time around, Billie didn't fan-girl as much as their previous interaction, but you could tell she was still just as happy to speak with one of her favorite celebrities.

"Waiting for William Eyelash," the actor hilariously announces as he waits for Billie to join the video, referencing the silly nickname he calls her. "Rainn!," the singer enthusiastically says as she picks up the call. As the two begin talking, the 18-year-old star reveals that she had just finished her 15th watch of The Office, to which the actor tells her, "It’s time to move on to another show, really. Please!" Billie clearly isn't convinced, explaining, "Every time I hit that episode that says finale, I’m always like, goddamn it.'" We feel you, girl!

You can watch their full video below.

Rainn and Billie continue in the video by discussing mental health, quarantine, and the 54-year-old star even got his chance to quiz the singer again. The Emmy nominee might not understand the need to keep rewatching The Office, but one thing's for sure: us fans definitely get it.