Rachel Bilson's sex confession will have you saying a big O-M-G

2023 SCAD TVfest
2023 SCAD TVfest / Paras Griffin/GettyImages

Rachel Bilson discussed her sexual experiences with Whitney Cummings on a recent episode of Rachel's Broad Ideas podcast.

During the conversation, Whitney revealed that she had never experienced an orgasm from sexual intercourse until she stopped using birth control in her 40s.

"I have not had an orgasm from sex until I went off birth control," the comedian said on the March 13 episode of the podcast. "Never had it in my life until I turned 40...but I could do it with my hands."

Rachel, who is also in her 40s, shared a similar experience, saying that she had never had an orgasm from sexual intercourse until she was about 38 years old.

"It didn't happen for me until I was about 38," the Hart of Dixie alum admitted. "Isn't that crazy?" 

She did, however, mention that she had previously achieved orgasm on her own, without the involvement of a partner.

Rachel⁠ also noted that she had previously gotten it done on her own, but "not with, like, dick inside."