Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend: 6 Ways to Get to Know Him Better

If you're in a new relationship and want to get to know your boyfriend better without forcing the conversation, there are plenty of ways to make it seem natural. For example, many questions you can ask will create a meaningful conversation, and will provide answers to some of your burning questions.

Here are six questions to ask your boyfriend in order to get to know him better.

1. What Are You Afraid of?

This first question is a bit vague, but it opens up endless conversation about all the fears you two might have. Your boyfriend might give a silly answer, like a suspected ghost under his bed growing up, or maybe he will take the more serious route and tell you what he's afraid about in life. Either way, it would be fun to see his reaction, and get a glimpse at what causes him fear. You might even be scared of the same things!

2. Have You Ever Cried During a Movie?

Although many people are big criers during movies, your boyfriend might not be. Instead, there could be only one movie in the world which has made him so emotional he's shed a tear, or maybe none at all. Any answer he gives will provide you with insight into his emotional side, showing what gets to his heart- or what doesn't. And if he says he's never cried during a movie, challenge him to watch your favorite movie that makes you cry, and see how he reacts to it!

3. What’s Your Favorite Song?

This is an easy question that you might receive a simple answer for, but his favorite song can really tell you a lot about him. You'll learn what type of music he listens to, for one, and what he values in life. For example, if his favorite song is a happy-go-lucky pop song, he probably enjoys the simple things in life. If his favorite is a sad ballad, he might value things that make him think and feel. Plus, once he tells you his favorite, you guys can compare and continue to listen to music together all night!

4. What’s the Craziest Dream You’ve Ever Had?

Although not everyone is exactly sure just how dreams correlate to our everyday lives, there is definitely some connection there. Once your boyfriend shares his wildest dream to you, you two can analyze it and talk about what significance it could have to his life, and your relationship. Alternatively, if your boo says he doesn't remember his dreams, you can simply share yours, or research what dreams mean in general.

5. What’s Your Favorite Childhood Memory?

This one is definitely the cutest question on the list, as you'll learn about what your boyfriend was like as a kid. Learning about his childhood memories will give you insight into how he was raised, what makes him happy, and what he valued the most in life growing up, such as family, possessions, or pets. And if you're feeling extra fun, you can even ask him for a photo of him as a child!

6. What is Your Pet Peeve?

This question is often a hard one to answer, but we all have pet peeves. It's definitely important to learn your boyfriend's, as then you'll know what makes him tick. One, that's good so you can avoid doing whatever annoys him, and two, you'll then know why sometimes he might be agitated. Make sure to let your boyfriend know yours as well, so there's a mutual understanding about the little things that drive you crazy.

Apart from these questions providing you basically endless information about your boyfriend, most will also give you cute date ideas to pursue as well.