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People Can't Help But Think Netflix's New Show 'The Order' Copies 'Riverdale'

Netflix is home to some of the most popular teen dramas, as they offer not just shows like The Vampire Diaries, Reign and Riverdale, but also Netflix originals like 13 Reasons Why, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and now, The Order. But fans are starting to think that the CW's Riverdale and Netflix's The Order are similar in one aspect. Maybe a little too similar.

While both shows have become popular, many on social media think The Order is copying Riverdale.

Despite the two shows both dealing with teenagers, they do have many differences, such as location: Riverdale is in high school and The Order is in college, and very different topics: Riverdale is the adaptation of the Archie Comics and The Order explores a world of magic and supernatural creatures.

The one thing fans have seemed to notice, though, is the advertising. The promo images for both shows look exactly the same, as both show the cast looking broody sitting in a booth. The only difference is that in Riverdale's they're drinking milkshakes and in The Order's they're drinking alcohol.

Many have taken to Twitter to discuss.

It wouldn't be surprising if Netflix wanted to play off the success of Riverdale and decided to promote the show in a similar tone, even though the two shows have barely anything in common. But in any case, it just confuses audiences.

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