Paris Hilton shares first photos of her baby boy Phoenix's face

Klarna & Paris Hilton House Of Y2K Launch Party
Klarna & Paris Hilton House Of Y2K Launch Party / Stefanie Keenan/GettyImages

Nearly one month after Paris Hilton and Carter Reum welcomed their first child via surrogacy, the heiress shared the first photos of her son's face during a photoshoot for Glamour U.K.

"I'm so obsessed with my little angel," she told the publication in an interview published Feb. 23. "When he looks into my eyes, I just melt. He's such a good baby."

In the photos, baby Phoenix is seen sleeping on Paris' shoulders as she receives a smooch from her husband. In another picture, Paris kisses her newborn baby during nap time.

Last month, Paris surprised fans when she announced the arrival of her first child. However, it was her plan all along to keep her family news a secret.

"I felt my life has been so public, I really wanted to keep it private," she told Glamour U.K. "Of course, it was hard not to tell anyone, because it's such an exciting time. But I also loved being able to share this with just Carter."