Olivia Munn's baby son Malcolm watches in awe as dad John Mulaney 'spices up' a bowl of homemade ramen

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Olivia Munn captured some adorable footage of her and John Mulaney's baby son Malcolm on Wednesday. Taking to her Instagram Story, the 42-year-old actress shared that the trio were eating her mother Kim's homemade ramen.

And Malcolm appeared in awe as he watched John, 40, "spice up" his ramen bowl with a gooey red chili sauce. Malcolm was seated on the comedian's lap as he used chopsticks to mix the sauce into the noodles and broth.

"Watching daddy spice up his ramen," captioned Olivia, who boasts 2.8million followers.

She also revealed that the "little viet/chinese influence" her mom throws into the ramen is what makes it so special.

In an earlier post, Olivia shared a snap of her baby son's foot and wrote that she "can't believe this is a real foot" due to how cute and small it is. Since giving birth in November 2021, the Newsroom star has used Instagram to document Malcolm's growth and milestones.

Most recently, Olivia shared that her only child has learned to open the doors in their home all by himself. To prove it, she recorded Malcolm twisting the silver handle on a closed door before popping it open with ease.