Nicki Minaj has fans puzzled with a picture of herself in a white dress and veil--and many are asking if she's actually married boyfriend Kenneth Petty.

While on tour in Europe, the 36-year-old rapper shared a picture of herself in a white dress and matching veil, which many commented resembled a bride's getup. Some fans wondered if this could mean she secretly tied the knot with Petty while on tour, fueling a debate on the internet.

This adds on to previous rumors that were going around about the couple, especially after Minaj called Petty her "husband" on Queen Radio. However, sources then reported that the pair hadn't actually made things marriage official.

One user commented on Instagram, "'Don’t panic' lmao she knows we was thinking this her wedding dress or sumn," in reference to Minaj's caption.

Petty and Minaj's relationship remains controversial, as Petty has served time for sexual assault and first-degree manslaughter, and is a registered sex offender after being convicted for attempted rape of a 16-year-old girl. Fans have not hesitated to criticize the singer's decision to date the 41-year-old man given his criminal record, meaning the possibility of a marriage has sparked even more controversy.

If the rumors are true, we'll be looking for more pictures of the secretive nuptials!

[h/t: The Blast]