Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are feuding again…maybe. If anything, it seems that Nicki is gunning for her ex-boyfriend and he wants no piece of that action.

During a recent performance of "Barbie Dreams," a single off her latest album Queen, Minaj changed up the lyrics to take a jab at Mill. While it’s a small one, it’s definitely still worth taking note of.

The original line in the song is, “Meek still be in my DMs, I be having to duck him.” During the performance, Minaj called for her team to cut the music, repeated the bar, and added, “I mean, I could tell you secrets but I won’t. Cause being a bitter b***h is what I don’t.”

A fan caught the whole thing on video. Watch below.

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“Meek still be in my DM’s” *cuts music*

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Meek seemingly didn’t take his time with a response. On Twitter, he seemed confused as to why Minaj is coming for him at this moment, and warned that he gets “a lil too out of control with the truth,” so Nicki should be careful in the future.

The tweets have since been deleted, but of course a fan caught the evidence in screenshots.

While Meek has repeatedly said that he doesn’t have any hard feelings toward Nicki, the feeling might not be mutual between the two rappers. Last month, Meek revealed that the 36-year-old rapper had blocked him on Instagram.

The funny part is, Meek has expressed his appreciation for "Barbie Dreams" in the past, even telling Vulture that he thinks it’s a “dope rap.” However, Mill did deny that he slid into Nicki’s DMs, and said, “definitely wasn’t nobody ducking me.”