Ben Affleck has officially given up his cape and announced he's departing from the Batman role.

Barely a day after the news broke, fans began scrambling around for a viable replacement to play Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves' The Batman. Some actors who have been rumored to take on the role includes Liam Hemsworth, Ryan Gosling, Michael B. Jordan and even Christian Bale (again).

However, another actor just threw his name into the hat and made it clear he would love to play Batman. Replying to an Instagram post from HYPEBEAST asking who could replace Affleck, Nick Jonas commented: "First name Nick. Last name Jonas."

Jonas is certainly not a name we've thought about, but maybe it could work. After all, Jonas, who's more recognized for his singing prowess than acting, is slated to appear in three films this year, more than he has ever had in previous years.

But just because Nick believes he has the credentials, that doesn't mean DC fans would like to see the multi-talented star take on the role.

Some fans can see Jonas appearing in the franchise, but just as a sidekick.

The Batman is set to come out in 2021. Hopefully the search for the new Bruce Wayne won't push the release date back any further.