One former member of One Direction has his eyes set on a new kind of group in the future--a collaboration between himself and Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift.

In a Q&A session hosted on his Instagram story, the Irish singer revealed that he would love to collaborate with both of the chart-topping female artists.

When first asked if he would like to collab with Grande on a song, he said, "I would absolutely love to collaborate with [Ariana Grande]." He then added, "The talent inside that woman is just insane."

Later on, when a fan questioned if he would collaborate with Swift, he responded, "Would love to collab with @taylorswift," showing how eager he is to work with both of these powerful musicians.

Horan's work since One Direction went on hiatus in 2015 includes the release of his 2017 solo album, Flicker.

We hope that we see one of these collabs come to life in the future!