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New Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV show ordered by Disney+

"Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief" Japan Premiere
"Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief" Japan Premiere / Junko Kimura/GettyImages

The popular book series by Rick Riordan, about the descendants of the mighty Greek gods, Percy and the Olympians, previously adapted into two movies starring Logan Lerman, is getting another shot, with a revival on the small screen after Disney+ announced they had ordered a TV series adaptation.

On Tuesday, the House of Mouse made it the TV show rumors official, after the author of the series teased for the last two years that his hit greek mythology fantasy series is getting another chance, with a video message from the author shared on their official Twitter page.

"The wait is over, demigods," Riordan said in a video message on Disney+'s social media feed. "I am thrilled to be the first to tell you that Percy Jackson and the Olympians is really, truly, and for sure coming to your screens. The good folks at Disney+ have given us the green light."

At the moment the series doesn't have an official release date, but we would expect the series, which has only just began casting for the young demigods, to premiere on Disney+ sometime in 2023, at the earliest.