Time is ticking down to April 26, when fans can finally be rewarded for their dedication to waiting and waiting for Avengers: Endgame to hit theaters.

While we continue to be patient, we've been gifted a second epic trailer, which has given us fuel for even more fan theories. One such theory says that the trailer features comic book character Kate Bishop.

In the scene, which seems to be a flashback, Hawkeye is teaching a girl archery, and while we don't actually see her face, fans are convinced that the girl is Kate.

Kate is one of the most-wanted Marvel comic book characters to join the MCU by fans. In the comics, she takes over for Hawkeye and goes undercover. Not only does she work with the Young Avengers, but works her way up to the adult Avengers as well.

Some fans are skeptical of the scene, though, as Clint has a daughter in the MCU, so this could just be him teaching her. If it was his daughter, it would explain the reason Hawkeye comes out of retirement after Thanos' snap. We'll find out next month who this mysterious lady is when Endgame finally arrives.

[h/t: ComicBook.com]