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'Monopoly': Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét Drop New Song and Music Video

As promised to us on social media, Ariana Grande is back with new music--featuring her BFF, singer/songwriter Victoria Monét.

The highly-anticipated track, titled "Money," is a fun sound with a ton of autotune and quick, clever one-liners. The song garnered a lot of attention before it dropped when fans found the lyrics. Both ladies sing the verse, "I like women and men (yeah)," which has many thinking Ari is coming out as bisexual.

Regardless of what the deeper meaning is, the pair also dropped an equally as energetic music video, complete with a plethora of emojis and memes. Watch below.

Fans have taken to social media to applaud the new song and vid, with many finding one part in particular extremely hilarious. The ladies are seen swatting away negativity, and in one scene, Ari shoves off the word "Trump."

"Monopoly" is certainly bop. The only question we have is will it be added to the Sweetener World Tour setlist?