Miss Congeniality's Heather Burns reminds us she's a true Queen on the 'perfect date'

6th Annual Tribeca Film Festival "Watching the Detectives" After Party
6th Annual Tribeca Film Festival "Watching the Detectives" After Party / G. Gershoff/GettyImages

Twenty-three years ago, Heather Burns declared April 25th the perfect date.

"Because it's not too hot, not too cold," her adorably perky character said in the 2000 movie Miss Congeniality. "All you need is a light jacket."

And while temperatures fluctuate, fans' infatuation with the film stays the same.

"I love it. It seems to each year get a little bigger even," Burns, 48 reacted to the viral movie extract to the unofficial holiday. "And it's such a nice day for me because people come out of the woodwork sending me memes and things. And I go around town…people give me free coffee and, you know, it's just everyone's kind of happy to see me on that day."

Director Donald Petrie once said he actually changed the original date in the script to reflect his wife's birthday. And while it's hard to imagine anyone other than Burns reciting the line, there was a point when she didn't know if she'd be in the movie.

The first time Burns auditioned, she didn't even get a callback. But as fate would have it, there was a director change, with Petrie stepping in, and she got another stab at the crown. The actress submitted a tape from New York and then flew to Los Angeles to read with Sandra Bullock, whose FBI agent character Gracie Hart goes undercover at the Miss United States pageant after it's the target of a threat.

"She was incredibly warm," Burns recalls. "She always is. She's just exactly how you would imagine her to be."