Mindy Kaling Reacts to Billie Eilish's 'The Office' Sample for 'My Strange Addiction'

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Worlds collided for fans of rising music sensation Billie Eilish and fans of NBC's hit show The Office today--for a second time.

The first time these two fandoms found some overlap came when Billie's wildly popular album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? debuted. One of the tracks on the album, "My Strange Addiction," includes a sample from the world of Dunder Mifflin. The track samples a few pieces of dialogue from the seventh season episode "Threat Level Midnight"--and one of the show's stars just took notice.

Mindy Kaling, who portrayed Kelly Kapoor on the show, took to Twitter to express how she enjoyed the sample of the mega-popular episode on the track.

Eilish, who has admitted she is a huge fan of the office, told MTV News about how the sample came to be.

“When we made the beat for ‘My Strange Addiction,’ it reminded me of the song they play when they do the Scarn dance,” the 17-year-old singer said. “I thought that was really funny, so we literally just ripped the audio from Netflix and put it in the song, not at all thinking that they would say yes to it and we’d be able to put it out. Also, it’s about strange addictions, and The Office is mine, so…”

BJ Novak, a writer and producer on the show who also took on the role of self-proclaimed "wunderkind" Ryan Howard, recalled to Rolling Stone about being asked for permission to use the dialogue on the track.

“They had to get approval of all the cast that was on it,” Novak said. “I was fine with it regardless, but I was like ‘Wow, bonus: This is a banger.'”

This means Eilish had to get permission from the likes of Steve Carell and John Krasinski for using their voices, and it seems to have played out very well.

The track is a combination of two of our favorite things--and hearing the story behind it makes us love it even more.

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