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Mindy Kaling celebrates son's 2nd birthday with sweet tribute

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Mindy Kaling is celebrating her son's second birthday with a sweet tribute on social media. The Never Have I Ever creator and producer, took to her Instagram to share an adorable video of her young son Spencer, and a touching message in which she expresses her "intense joy" at being his mother.

On September 3, Mindy's son turned 2 year's old. Recently, the mom of two, took her daughter Katherine stargazing with The Office co-star and long-time pal BJ Novak recently, wrote online: "Happy 2nd birthday to my son Spencer, who is the human personification of a hug."

She continued: "I can’t describe the intense joy it is to be your mom. You remind this old cynical lady that the world is full of wonder, and fun can be found in the most mundane places."

"Here Spencer is greeting his friend, the morning shadow in his crib," she concluded, explaining what her toddler was doing in the wholesome video. Check out the video below!