Megan Thee Stallion SAVEGELY crops Cara Delevingne from photos from Billboard Awards

26th Annual Webby Awards
26th Annual Webby Awards / Mike Coppola/GettyImages

Megan Thee Stallion shared a snap on social media with Cara Delevingne CROPPED OUT after the supermodel was mocked for her bizarre behavior and constant pestering of the rapper at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, in Las Vegas.

The snap - which was posted on Megan's Instagram Stories shortly after the event - shows the Texas native happily posing with Doja Cat during the ceremony - but an original version of the photo reveals that Cara, 29, was actually sitting between them at the time, before seemingly being Photoshopped out. 

Megan, 27, re-posted a series of images from her night at the awards show on Sunday where she won Best Female Rap Artist. Still, despite posing several times with Cara throughout the evening, none of those particular photos were shared on the rapper's Instagram. But are we that shocked?

In the original version of the altered image that Megan did share of herself and Doja, 26, Cara can be seen in between the two musicians, staring off into the distance while they flash smiles and pouts at the camera. 

However, in the image that Megan re-posted, Cara has been completely removed - and the space that she occupied has been cropped in order to make it look as though Megan and Doja were sitting right alongside one another.