Fans who were looking forward to bridging the gap between Star Wars and Doctor Who may have to wait for another opportunity, because Matt Smith has claimed he's not in Star Wars: Episode IX.

Reports that the ex-Doctor would appear in the film came from a reputable source, but had not been confirmed by Lucasfilm. Smith then reportedly denied the rumor, when asked by journalist Emily Zemler.

But Zemler pointed out that Smith could have just been keeping his mouth shut and pulling a little reverse psychology on us. He says he's not in it, so therefore he is? "The studio never announced him being in it so it’s totally possible that was just a rumor. But also possible he wasn’t allowed to tell me," Zemler continued on Twitter.

Clues that Smith might be lying come from actor Richard E. Grant, who was recently interviewed about reuniting with Smith for Episode IX. "I would be fired if I told you anything about that," Grant replied.

Smith denying his involvement in the film could also be mean his scenes were cut. In any case, we might not even recognize him if he is in the movie, as maybe he's just a Stormtrooper like Daniel Craig was in The Force Awakens.

Episode IX hits theaters on Dec. 20, 2019.