'The Bachelor' Fans Are Still Shipping Matt and Rudi From 'Listen to Your Heart' After They Go Live on Instagram

'Listen  to Your Heart' stars Matt and Rudi went live on Instagram.
'Listen to Your Heart' stars Matt and Rudi went live on Instagram. | Instagram/ItsJustRudi

Matt Ranaudo and Rudi Gutierrez's time on The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart was cut short when they decided to go home after Matt admitted he wasn't quite "there yet" in terms of their romance, but things don't seem to be over for good between them.

The pair went live on Instagram this week, and Bachelor Nation is shipping the flirty way they acted in the video big time. Matt and Rudi might have had a rocky run on the reality show, but fans swear the two are head over heels for each other. "At the end, they addressed the most asked question, 'are u dating?' They said that they are not because they are currently quarantined and live far from each other (California and Texas)," a fan on Reddit shared of their IG Live session. "But, they talked about how when this is all over, Rudi will go back to her apartment in LA and see him."

"Boy was looking at her with heart eyes the entire time," one Reddit user chimed in. "He was blushing the whole time it was soo cute," another said. Most fans who watched the IG Live were in total agreement. "I said this exact same thing to my friend. HEART. EYES," another remarked.

The duo also promised to go on IG Live again very soon. And until they can reunite in person, Rudi has been sharing plenty of throwback snapshots and videos from her time on Listen to Your Heart. On May 13, she shared a video of her final performance with Matt, where they did Lady Gaga's "Shallow." Watch the awesome clip here.

Something tells us Listen To Your Heart was just the beginning for Matt and Rudi's story!