There are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the upcoming solo Batman film, but it turns out Warner Bros. might not even have all the answers. A Twitter user shared an image on Monday that appears to be tied to the film’s production.

In the image, the film is referred to as Untitled Batman Project, meaning the Matt Reeves-helmed film doesn’t even have a title yet. Up until now, the project has been referred to as simply The Batman. As fans haven't even received confirmation the script is complete yet, it’s possible Reeves came up with another title during the writing process, or just decided to drop the original name without a new idea.

Of course, this image could always refer to a completely separate Batman project that isn’t connected to the one being worked on by Reeves, but we aren't banking on that.

Batman made a revival in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, both of which received poor reviews by critics and DC fans alike. As a result of these less-than-ideal reviews, Ben Affleck, who portrayed Batman in both films, attempted to leave the Caped Crusader behind him.

While initially slotted to write and direct the film, Affleck handed both duties over to Reeves, stating that directing while starring would be too exhausting a task.

Recent reports have the project focusing on a younger Bruce Wayne, with the Penguin as the main villain. Rumors claim the project will begin filming in Nov. 2019, so we still seemingly have a while to get further details.