As ex Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and David Eason have seemingly been in the media more than ever before this past month, fans are starting to ask a bunch of questions regarding the children who were living at "The Land," a.k.a. the controversial couple's home. And now that they've lost custody of them, many are wondering about 11-year-old Maryssa Eason.

Jenelle and David have now temporarily lost custody of their two-year-old daughter Ensley, along with Jenelle's four-year-old son Kaiser who she shares with ex Nathan Griffith, and David's 11-year-old daughter Maryssa who he shares with ex Whitney Johnson. Jenelle's oldest son, nine-year-old Jace, has been in full permanent care of her mother, Barbara Evans, since 2017.

Maryssa is now reportedly in the care of her grandmother, Whitney's mom. So who is Whitney, and why did Jenelle take Maryssa in?

Jenelle has remained pretty quiet on the subject of why she's been raising Maryssa, but sources have claimed, according to Teen Mom Talk Now, that Whitney had skipped town, leaving the child in the care of the couple, who were just engaged at the time. Various rumors have been tossed around that Whitney is in jail, but The Ashley debunked that when reporting she was present during one of the days of Jenelle and David's court hearing.

Per another report from Teen Mom Talk Now, David and Whitney were married for seven years, and their only child is Maryssa. The pair eventually went to court, and David was granted full custody of their daughter in 2017. David’s sister Jessica Lenn Eason dished at the time to RadarOnline, explaining that while David was certainly happy to have custody of Maryssa, they were still close with Whitney and her family.

"She still goes to stay with Maryssa's mom Mary," Jessica said in 2017. "Mary takes her to gymnastics and Whitney is still in her life."

While the exact reasons David fought for full custody of Maryssa haven't been disclosed, The Ashley reported at the time that Whitney was able to see their daughter afterwards as long as "she follow[ed] certain parameters spelled out in the agreement regarding drug and alcohol use." Additionally, she had to "submit to hair follicle drug testing." The custody agreement reportedly included, "Neither party will use drugs or excessively consume alcohol while caring for the child."

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According to our research, we can't find any evidence which claims Whitney has ever been in jail, despite many fans' speculation. As it seems, she just was not fit to parent Maryssa. And now, David isn't either.

We're glad Maryssa has someone to take care of her, and hope her grandmother is the best guardian at this tough time.