Marvel's Florence Pugh gushes about hotdog and hotdog lady from night out

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Marvel's Florence Pugh gushes about a "fantastic hotdog" and a lady from a night out with friends. It seemed that after a night of boozing and partying, the Black Widow and Little Women, 26, the actress was thrilled to have found somewhere to eat on a "Saturday night" and had to share her experience with her followers on social media.

Taking to Instagram, the 26-year-old actress shared her fun experience while she ate a hot dog and wore a pair of white jeans. Sharing a picture of herself with a huge hotdog covered in all sorts of toppings, she wrote:

"'Load it with everything,' the hungry woman in very white jeans exclaimed. 'Everything..?' The hot dog trolley lady hesitated, her tongs held in pause in the air. 'Everything,' the hungry woman wearing very white jeans said. Then, looking at her dead straight in the eyes, focusing hard and serious she repeated, 'every. Thing.' AND I WOULD LIKE TO ALSO ADD, THAT I DIDNT SPILL A FECKIN SPLASH OF ANY OF THAT ‘EVERYTHING’ ON THOSE ‘VERY WHITE JEANS’.P.S if you walk out of The Bourbon on a Saturday night and there’s a fantastic hot dog lady serving out front, GET THAT CASH OUT AND EAT ONE. Cuz it was the tits. Yours truly, FP. x"