Mackenzie McKee Reveals Husband Josh Had an 'Affair' Her With Her Cousin Soon After Her Mom Passed Away

Mackenzie McKee discovers Josh had an "affair" with her cousin Ashley soon after her mom Angie Douthit died.
Mackenzie McKee discovers Josh had an "affair" with her cousin Ashley soon after her mom Angie Douthit died. | Instagram / Mackenzie McKee

Mackenzie McKee and her husband Josh have been on and off for some time now, and her latest revelation about their relationship just proves that he's really crossed the line this time.

The Teen Mom OG star opened up on social media this week about their tumultuous marriage, which has been riddled with cheating from both parties. As we saw on the MTV series, Josh had admitted to getting "inappropriate" with another woman while out at a bar, and it looks like the infidelity hardly stopped there. According to Mackenzie, her estranged hubby actually had an "affair" with her cousin, just about a week after her mom, Angie Douthit, sadly passed away. What a low blow.

As reposted by @TeenMomShadeRoom_ on Instagram, the mom-of-two got real on social media, starting by saying that, "life has really thrown me some huge curve balls." She then went into Josh's infidelities, explaining that her mom was happy that he eventually "changed." However, as she recalled, just two weeks after Angie's death, "things changed." Mackenzie explained, "I would lay in bed and wonder why I was so crazy because that[']s how he made me feel like."

Mackenzie continued by saying that she "made the random decision" to look through Josh's calls and texts, and discovered he had been texting another woman a week after Angie passed away. "Obviously another affair," she explained. "So I go to call the number and it was my close cousin Ashley."

"I[']m now opening my eyes to what a horrible man [J]osh has been. Has has been a lie," Mackenzie added in her post. She continued by asking followers for prayers for herself and for her kids. How absolutely terrible.

The Oklahoma native has clearly been through some extreme hardships in the past few months alone, and this is really just not what she needs. Fans have been sending her support since her revelation, with one person commenting on the post from @TeenMomShadeRoom_ with, "Damn i just wanna give her a hug. A family member is a low blow." Another wrote, "Wow!!! That is some of the lowest s**t I have ever heard in my life. Shame on that man. She deserves more than she’s ever gotten from him." A third said, "My heart hurts for her. I hope she finds happiness."

We truly hope Mackenzie is able to get through this with the support of her friends, family, and of course, her fanbase.