Mackenzie McKee Admits She 'Forced' Wedding to Josh After Suspecting Him of Cheating on 'Teen Mom OG'

Mackenzie McKee talks relationship with Josh on 'Teen Mom OG'
Mackenzie McKee talks relationship with Josh on 'Teen Mom OG' / Instagram / Mackenzie McKee

Mackenzie McKee is getting very honest about her marriage to husband Josh while on Teen Mom OG. The pair share a lot of history, but for the MTV personality, she's uncertain Josh truly loves her.

When speaking to her sister in a clip posted by MTV here, McKee gave an update on their tumultuous relationship, saying, "He is the man who makes me feel ugly. Now I have no love to give him because I don't even love myself."

"I forced this all," she confessed. "I forced the wedding. Walking down the aisle, I did not feel like he loved me." When her sister pressed to know why Mackenzie doubted her husband's love, she didn't miss a beat. "When you know, you know," she explained. "I just knew I was doing this for Gannon. I hate that I married him, and I want this divorce."

Mackenzie also revealed she's living alone after the scandal that drove them apart. On the season premiere of Teen Mom OG, Josh had admitted he'd been "inappropriate" with a woman in a bar, leaving the mom in tears.

At the time, Josh had promised Mackenzie he would fight for their marriage, but it seems like everything is still on the rocks. You can see all the drama play out when Teen Mom OG airs Tuesdays on MTV. Check out these awesome deals here for Sling TV to tune in.