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Mac Miller's Friend Njomza Appears in Ariana Grande's '7 Rings' Video

Ariana Grande dropped not only a new song, but a music video too last night, so naturally, this is all we can talk about for the remainder of the day. The new track "7 Rings," which the pop star has been teasing for months now, is a fun anthem about going shopping with your friends. With lyrics like "Girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble" and "Bought matching diamonds for six of my b***hes," it's a certified BFF bop.

And of course, fans have been obsessively watching the video to find every single detail to talk about. Both the song and the video revolve around Ari and her six friends, who include Tayla Parx, Victoria Monet, Njomza, Alexa Luria, and Courtney Chipolone. While many are familiar with a few of her gal pals, such as Victoria, who co-writes with Ariana, and Lexie, who is one of her oldest friends, most don't know the whole crew. And one detail you might not know is that one of the ladies was actually a close friend to the late Mac Miller.

Njomza, a 24-year-old singer/songwriter from Chicago, appears in Ariana's music video and worked with Mac in the past. She started her career on YouTube posting covers, and was eventually signed to Mac's record label. Her 2015 single "Creatures of the Night," which she released on SoundCloud, was produced by Mac, who also performed it with her. Njomza also performed at Mac's tribute concert in October.

Ariana and Njomza clearly became good friends, as the 25-year-old singer even revealed Njomza was the one who suggested writing "7 Rings." Explaining on Twitter where the idea came from, Ariana said that after their Tiffany's trip, "njomza was like 'b***h, this gotta be a song lol.' so we wrote it that afternoon."

"7 Rings" is a power anthem and we're glad Njomza and Ari continue to be so close.