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Lonely Kevin Meme: Jonas Brothers Poke Fun at Viral Photo in 'Year 2019' Parody

Miley Cyrus is back. Aly & AJ are back. Ashley Tisdale is back. And now, even the Jonas Brothers are back--and better than ever. If you've been feeling like you're in a weird (but amazing) haze of Disney Channel throwbacks lately, you're not alone. We've all been totally ecstatic at our favorites making a comeback again. And the JoBros are ready to poke fun at their old selves.

Kevin, Joe, and Nick appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden last night to perform a hilarious parody of their 2006 hit "Year 3000," appropriately called "Year 2019," featuring the British talk show host. In the song, they changed the lyrics to discuss things happening today, for example Donald Trump being president and the failed Fyre Festival.

And arguably the funniest part is when they joked about the "lonely Kevin meme," a photo which went viral simply because Kevin looked super sad and lost. If you're not familiar with it, prepare to laugh when you look below.

One of the lyrics was changed to go, "I took a trip to 2019, loney Kevin's still the best meme," and people are clearly loving it.


We honestly didn't realize it, but we really, really missed the Jonas Brothers.