Lisa Kudrow Reveals the 'Friends' Prop Co-Star Matthew Perry Stole for Her While Video Chatting With Jimmy Kimmel

Lisa Kudrow was interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel, where she revealed a 'Friends' prop Matthew Perry stole for her.
Lisa Kudrow was interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel, where she revealed a 'Friends' prop Matthew Perry stole for her. / YouTube: Jimmy Kimmel

Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay in Friends is arguably one of the best comedic performances in a sitcom, and she recently spoke about her time on the series in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. The pair talked briefly about the postponed unscripted Friends reunion special before Kudrow showed off her hilarious collection of Friends bobbleheads. As reported by BuzzFeed, Kimmel then asked if the actress took any mementos from set after the sitcom wrapped.

Kudrow revealed that one of her co-stars gave her a pretty awesome parting gift. In the background of the interview, you can see the cookie jar that used to sit in Monica's kitchen throughout the series, which Kudrow was gifted by none other than Chandler Bing actor Matthew Perry! "We were laughing hysterically, and crying, because it was the end," Kudrow recalled of wrapping the series. Apparently, the gift was extra funny because of a joke she had made on set years earlier.

"My line was: 'Ooh, I'd better get going!' Like, 'Ooh, I'm late, I'd better get going,'" Kudrow recalled. "Except I didn't have a watch, and we were shooting it when I realized it was too late. As the words were coming out, I go, 'Oh good, there's a clock.' And I gestured to [the cookie jar clock]." She explained to Kimmel that Perry pointed out her mistake when the cameras stopped rolling, saying, "We get done shooting, and Matthew said, 'Did you point to the cookie jar and say look at the time?'"

While Kudrow was grateful for the present, she was also apprehensive at first. "I think the first thing I said was, 'This is so nice! Did you get permission?,'" she said. Apparently, the Friends set was so closely guarded, the actress' car was searched every night before she went home.

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