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Lindsay Lohan Gives Strange Explanation for Feud With Kim Kardashian

Lindsay Lohan has known the Kardashians for years, as she was good friends on and off with Paris Hilton back in the early 2000s. But have they remained close over the years? Fans weren't so sure back in Jan. 2018, when Lindsay seemingly threw major shade at the reality star on Instagram. And Kim was quick to throw some right back.

When KKW posted photos last January of her new hairstyle, many were upset with the look. The 38-year-old star caught a lot of backlash for styling her hair in braids, with countless people accusing her of cultural appropriation.

And one of the many to weigh in was Lindsay, who commented, "I'm confused" on Perez Hilton's repost of the picture. Kim clapped back by replying, "You know what’s confusing….. Your sudden foreign accent,” referring to the actress' mysterious accent she seemed to pick up in recent years. Lindsay did not reply to this, but she does have a rather weird explanation to her original comment.

While appearing on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, the Mean Girls actress was asked about the situation. “How would you describe your relationship with Kim K and what was your immediate reaction to her clapping back about your accent?” Andy asked her.

"I love Kim," Lindsay was quick to clarify, before explaining, "I was just confused about the braids because she had a baby." Um, what? How does that correlate? She then added, "We’re friends… [I’m friends] with all the family." Okay, we believe Lindsay is friends with the Kardashians still, but we're not sure what she meant by the baby comment! Andy, however, went onto the next question before Lindsay could add more.

In any case, I guess that's one less person feuding with Kim. Will we be seeing them hanging out anytime soon, though? Probably not.