Many eyebrows were raised when it was reported Kim Kardashian's BFF, Larsa Pippen, and her ex-husband, Kris Humphries, were getting flirty while hanging out at Coachella this past weekend. While we were cautious to believe it really meant anything, people may have jumped to conclusions a bit. Especially reporter Perez Hilton.

Original reports claimed Kris was "touching [Larsa's] head and playing with her braids," a move which seemed "playful." When Perez took to Instagram to share the news, he asked, "Do we have another Jordyn Woods situation on our hands???" And Larsa was quick to respond.

According to BuzzFeed, Larsa commented, “The convo lasted all of 3 min. He told me he’s known Scottie since he was 14 and that he loves him and I said so do I.” She's referring to her estranged husband, Scottie Pippen, to whom she's been married to for 22 years. As both him and Kris are former basketball players, we're not shocked the latter would look up to Scottie.

As Larsa was so involved in the cheating scandal between Khloé Kardashian, Tristan Thompson, and Jordyn Woods, throwing shade everywhere, we couldn't imagine her breaking girl code by then getting together with Kris. Although Kim likely wouldn't even care, we highly doubt anything happened.