With how ugly the Kylie Jenner, Jordyn Woods, and Travis Scott drama was this past month, we thought we'd never see Kylie and Woods rekindle their friendship. That may not be the case.

Elle has reported that Jenner and Woods will mend their friendship, but that it might take some time. Sources say the Jenner will not be cutting either Woods or Scott out of her life. Scott will remain her boyfriend and Woods one of her best friends, even if Jenner's family blacklisted her.

It appears that Jenner and Scott are getting back to normal after Jenner accused Scott of cheating on her and sending "overly friendly" DMs to girls on Instagram. But her relationship with Woods will be a little slower, considering how hurt she was by the Tristan Thompson scandal.

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Sources are now saying that her problems with Scott weren't that big of a deal to her. “Kylie is considering the cheating rumors about Travis to be ‘white noise’ and she knows everyone is always trying to get a rise out of her and her family,” the source said.

Meanwhile her friendship with Woods has been on and off. After Woods Red Table Talk, Jenner wanted nothing to do with Woods, but now it looks like time could have healed those wounds.

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“Even though she’s out and about with friends like Heather [Sanders] and spending time with her team like Ariel [Tejada], they aren’t the same as Jordyn and not her ‘best friend,’" a source told Us Weekly. "Jordyn was like a sister to her, and while she’s very close with her team and considers them her friends, she also knows they are employees and she pays them, so they have a different relationship.”

Jenner has every right to be mad at Woods, but it appears their friendship posts on social media may resume at some point.

h/t: [Elle]