Kristin Davis wishes 'reliably wonderful' onscreen husband Evan Handler a happy 62nd birthday

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And Just Like That producer-star Kristin Davis wished her onscreen husband Evan Handler a happy belated 62nd birthday on Wednesday and shared a snap of him checking out his chocolate cake on the Manhattan set.

"Happy belated birthday to Evan!" the 57-year-old Emmy nominee - who boasts 1.9M social media followers - gushed via Instastory.

"Thank you Evan for being such a reliably wonderful actor and for bringing depth as well as humor everyday. I am forever grateful and I don't tell you often enough how lucky I feel that you are my Harry [Goldenblatt]."

Kristin continued: "Acting together for so long is a treat and a rare privilege."

The native New Yorker portrayed the divorce attorney-turned-second husband of Charlotte York in 18 episodes of HBO's Sex and the City between 2002–2004, the two unforgettable film spin-offs in 2008 and 2010, as well as the HBO Max revival.

The Park Avenue socialite memorably converted to Judaism in order to marry Harry who - despite his hairy back and propensity for nudity - turned out to be her steadfast supporter through miscarriage, adoption, and eventually child birth.