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Kourtney Kardashian 'Practically Nude' in New Loved Up Post With Travis Barker

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I think by now everyone knows that Kourtney Kardashian, 42 and Travis Barker, 45 are in L-O-V-E; Love.

The Poosh founder and the Blink-182 drummer are far from shy when it comes to displaying their feeling for one another, having already posted a number of loved up pics online.

In the newest addition to Kourtney's Instagram, captioned: "Just Like Heaven", the 42-year-old reality star straddled boyfriend Travis Barker while wearing a barely-there nude thong bikini and a cream coloured skull patterned headscarf.

Travis, barefoot and dressed in just a simple pair of black shorts and shades, holds Kourt up while showing off his arsenal of body ink.

The couple received a ton of responses within minutes of the post going up on Kourtney's Instagram with many fans commenting on how "perfect" the couple are for each other, but some Skourt-stans (Scott and Kourtney) were having none of it, with some commenting "poor Scott" and other's taking it a bit further...

One Instagram user wrote:

"Poor Scott is all I can think of honestly..."

lizmcg17, Instagram

While another added:

"So happy for you, but this breaks my heart.. #skourt ?❤️"

itsaragerardini, Instagram

And a third follower, who appeared to be quite triggered, replied:

"For GODS sake Kourtney put some clothes on you['re] practically nude in this!! Have some respect, you don't see Scott rubbing it in, he's the father of your kids!!! ???"

justkaaarmen92, Instagram

Despite running in the same circles for a number of years, it wasn't until recently that the famous pair became an official item. A source told ET:

"Kourtney and Travis have had a platonic relationship for years and they’ve been friends and family friends for a very long time, but recently something sparked and their relationship has turned romantic."

Source for ET